With faith in a full recovery!

Doctors have heard murmurs in the heart of little Gosha immediately after his birth, so the baby was sent for an ultrasound test.

With faith in a full recovery!

Unfortunately, the doctors' suspicions were confirmed - the boy was found to have an open oval window of 8 mm in size. Since the baby was still tiny, it was decided to wait for two weeks to allow the body to strengthen and make a more accurate diagnosis. Later, after examination at the Kherson Regional Hospital, the parents were informed that Gosha had a defect of the interventricular septum.

The boy was under close supervision of doctors. Over time, it was found that the oval window closed on its own, so they decided that the operation could wait.
For nine years Gosha's diagnosis was practically not manifested. The boy underwent routine examinations and grew up like a normal child.
In 2021, the family was lucky to get a consultation with the chief physician of the Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery Serhiy Siromakha, who examined children in Mariupol. He advised to perform heart surgery, as the boy had already reached the required level of development.
Of course, his mother agreed and brought Gosha to Kyiv. He was operated at the Amosov Institute. The operation was quite successful. During the four hours that it lasted, the surgeons closed the defect and made a plastic valve.
Now our hero has almost recovered, is gaining strength and feels well. A second surgery is not likely to be required, but doctors emphasize the need for follow-up with a cardiologist.
We managed to help Gosha make a step towards a full recovery and provide him with all the necessary medicines thanks to the #Charity_chain project, which the “Your Support” Foundation implements together with the Guzema Jewerly brand.

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