One more healthy child's heart

Health problems always appear untimely and unexpectedly.

One more healthy child's heart

Thirteen-year-old Mariia was undergoing a routine medical examination on the eve of the new school year in her native Kropyvnytskyi. The diagnosis of Shereshevsky Syndrome was a real surprise for the family, because the girl had no heart problems before.

Doctors said that the child will live, just need to be under constant supervision and timely do all the necessary examinations. During a routine examination in a year, the cardiologist decided to send the girl for an additional ultrasound test. After it was conducted, they were sent to Kyiv for a full examination.
That's how Mariika and her mother ended up at the Amosov Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery. After examining the girl, the doctors advised to stay and undergo surgery.
Within four hours, surgeons sewed up the holes in the child's heart, and she spent another day in the intensive care unit. So Mariia is already recovering, gaining strength and continuing her journey with a healthy heart.
The girl received help as part of the Big Little Heart project, which aims to help children with congenital heart disease.
#Сharity_chain, a joint project of the Charitable Foundation "Your Support" and the Guzema Jewelry brand, made it possible to provide the girl with all the necessary medicines. The project of the Foundation and the help from Yana Stanishevskaia made it possible to provide the drug "Custodiol", which is extremely necessary for such heart operations.

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