Happy childhood with a healthy heart

It is the child’s health that parents are worried about the most.

Happy childhood with a healthy heart

Today we live in a world where some problems can be discovered yet during pregnancy.  This is exactly what happened in the case of Yasia's mother. During a routine examination, she was informed that her daughter would have heart problems. Doctors assured her that with such a defect the baby would live and she could give birth safely. The woman trusted the doctors, but the worry for the baby did not disappear before the birth.

Yasia was born on time, the birth was natural and passed without complications. The girl was diagnosed with subaortic stenosis, but was assured that no surgery was necessary.
For a long time, the little girl has lived with a heart defect, which practically did not make itself felt: the child felt well, there were no symptoms, the only thing that gave away the disease was the heart murmur. 
When Yasia was six years old, her mother brought her for a consultation at the Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery. After a thorough examination, it was decided that the girl was ready for surgery. 
The child was operated for four hours: plastic surgery of the defect and plastic surgery of the valve itself. The defect was completely removed! Repeated operations will not be required!
The Big Little Heart project continues to help children with congenital heart disease! Now Yasia feels well and has returned to her usual, full of adventures, childhood life.
Our heroine was provided with all the necessary medicines and medical devices thanks to #Charity_chain, a joint project of the Charitable Foundation "Your Support" and the Guzema Jewelry brand.
The girl also received Custodiol, an essential drug for an open heart surgery. We were able to provide it for Yasia's heart surgery thanks to the help of Credit Agricole Bank.

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