Surgery on a special heart

If fate gives a family a special child, it will definitely give boundless love to carry it through life.

Surgery on a special heart

Right after birth Mariia's mother found out that she had given birth to a sunny girl: the baby was diagnosed with Down syndrome.
Her mother's heart ached with a feeling of all-encompassing love for her little daughter: so many plans and dreams ahead!

Unfortunately, a month after the birth, an unpleasant surprise awaited the family - the baby was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. Odesa doctors assured that such defects often heal on their own and there is no need to rush to surgery.
The parents decided to have their daughter additionally examined at the Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery and there they were informed about the need for surgical intervention.
The girl was immediately sent for surgery, during which the plastic surgery of the defect was performed within three hours, and the little girl spent another four days in intensive care.
Now Mariika has a healthy heart and repeated operations are not required! So we hope that the baby will grow up into a cheerful, inquisitive, and most importantly healthy child.
The girl was treated as part of the Big Little Heart Foundation’s project, which aims to help children with congenital heart disease.
We are extremely pleased that the #Charity_chain project, a joint project of the “Your Support” Foundation and the Guzema Jewerly brand, has allowed another little heart to become healthy. Thanks to it, Mariya was provided with all the necessary medicines during her stay in the hospital.
And the project of our Foundation with Synevo helped to provide the drug "Custodiol" for the girl's much-needed surgery.

If you want to give another baby a chance at life, click "Help"!

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