A little brave heart

Little Victoriia was born with a heart defect.

A little brave heart

Immediately after her birth she was diagnosed with congenital atresia of the tricuspid valve. For some time, the girl's condition was monitored by doctors, and at the age of three, she underwent the Gehlen surgery. It was a corrective surgery, so the parents knew that their baby would have another one in the future. 
After the surgery Vika felt very well.

The positive effect lasted almost for five years! And then the symptoms of the disease began to return: the girl got tired quickly and her legs hurt. The pain in the legs was so severe that it became difficult for the child to walk.
Therefore, in the summer of 2021, the parents brought their daughter to the National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery named after N.M. Amosov for examination. After a thorough examination, the doctors decided to perform a second operation.
The girl underwent a Fontan operation and heart cavity probing. Vika had a good surgery that lasted for six hours and is now recovering at home.
It is currently unknown whether the child will need more surgeries. Now Vika's main task is to gain strength and enjoy her childhood.
The second surgery on the girl's heart was carried out as part of the Big Little Heart project. 
We were able to help our little heroine take another step towards recovery thanks to #Charity_chain, a joint project of the Charitable Foundation "Your Support" and the Guzema Jewelry brand, within which the girl received all the necessary medicines and medical products.
The project of our Foundation and the European network of laboratories Synevo made it possible to provide the baby with the drug "Custodiol", which is extremely necessary for an open heart surgery.

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